A journey through Canada and the US – Our Travel Itinerary

A journey through Canada and the US - Our Travel Itinerary | NotEnoughCinnamon.com

After 5 days in Montreal, we are starting our Canada/US trip this morning. We left our 5 suitcases at a friend’s house and only kept one. It feels good to be lighter! I’m currently at Montreal’s central station and our train is an hour late so I thought it would be the perfect time to detail a little bit what we will be doing in the coming weeks. Here you go!

A journey through Canada and the US - Our Travel Itinerary | NotEnoughCinnamon.com

Toronto – November 14-17

We are taking the train from Montreal to Toronto this Saturday morning. It’s a 5-hour ride but we thought it would be more convenient than taking the plane. They have wifi on board so Solal and I will be able to work and it takes us from downtown to downtown. Plus hubby is a bit afraid of the plane so he’ll take any chance he has to travel by train  – don’t tell him I said that publicly though haha. We will stay 3 days in Toronto. I know it’s not a lot but it will give us a “taste” of the city 🙂

A journey through Canada and the US - Our Travel Itinerary | NotEnoughCinnamon.com

The Canadian Train “Cruise” – November 17-21

Then on Tuesday evening, we’re boarding The Canadian for a 3-day and 4-night “cruise” across Canada. The train is taking us from Toronto all the way to the west coast to Vancouver. We will be going through breathtaking scenery, including the Rockies toward the end of the trip. The train even has a glass car so I won’t miss a bit of the view. I’m so excited about this leg of our travel! I’m hoping it will snow a little bit. Ideally it would only snow for half of the trip so I can see Canada’s nature with and without snow. Do you think I can arrange that with the weather guys upstairs?

Vancouver – November 21-24

On Saturday morning we’ll arrive in Vancouver for 3 days. We had a glimpse of the city when we had our flight connexion there last week. I love how the city is wrapped around the sea and the mountains. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to see more of it!

A journey through Canada and the US - Our Travel Itinerary | NotEnoughCinnamon.com

Philadelphia – November 24-30

After that, we’re flying to Philly to spend Thanksgiving with Solal’s family! One of his uncles and a few cousins are there. A few years ago we spent about 3 months in Philly so I have lots of sweet memories there and I’m really looking forward to being back. Plus => CHIPOTLE (the Mexican joint!). I might be tempted to go there every day if I don’t watch myself. Solal is actually sick of it because I dragged him there way too many times back then. He could not handle it, poor thing haha. It means that this time, I’ll have to negotiate every time I want to go. Maybe we’ll trade one chipolte for one Five Guys haha. Detox when we’re back, that’s for sure!

A journey through Canada and the US - Our Travel Itinerary | NotEnoughCinnamon.com

New York – November 30-December 2

We didn’t plan to go to NY initially but when I was booking the return flights between Philadelphia and Montreal, the only tickets I could find were expensive, with bad airlines and they all had a layover in New-York. NY being only 2 hours away from Philadelphia, we realized that spending two days there and taking a train back to Montreal would actually cost us the same thing! And with a bonus trip! We wanted to do the Montreal-NY train one day anyway because we’ve read that it’s one of the most scenic train rides of the world. So in the end, I’m glad I didn’t find a good plane deal 😉

After that, it’s back to Montreal to start our “real” life!

If you know these cities, I’d love to hear your recommendations on things to do and where to eat! Thank you 🙂


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  1. A very warm welcome to Canada! I live in Edmonton, but your train through the Prairies will likely go through Calgary. Your trip sounds wonderful.

    1. Thank you very much Valerie! The train goes trough 33 stations including Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Jasper. I think we’re going north of Calgary.

  2. Your trip sounds great, Marie. When you’re in Vancouver, make sure you see Stanley Park. I’ve always thought that doing the trans-Canada train would be a wonderful trip, so I’m looking forward to hearing how it turns out. If you like craft beer, there are at least several craft breweries in Philadelphia. Hope you have a wonderful time!

    1. I think we’re staying right next to Stanley Park in Vancouver so we’ll definitely visit it. I’ll let you know the train trip was! So looking forward to it!!

  3. Hi, I love your blog. My daughter and her family lived in NYC (mostly in Brooklyn) for 15 years. I do not know where you are staying in NYC. We have stayed in private homes through the website http://www.airbnb, and the cost of lodging is a lot cheaper. If you do not have nonrefundable reservations, I recommend airbnb. You can read reviews of your host or hostess, and I recommend people who have been hosts or hostesses for several years because those people have good experience in being hosts or hostesses. I recommend ethnic restaurants wherever you are in New York. Walk around and look in the windows of restaurants. If there is a good crowd in the restaurant, that is a good place to eat. Avoid “touristy” places for meals. The subways are easy to use. We recommend visiting Ellis Island, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Natural History. We also enjoyed the boat ride around Manhattan. If you want to go to Broadway show, look at the website broadwaybox.com. Make sure you have a handbag that fits across the front of your body (you will avoid pickpockets that way). Have a wonderful time! Regards, Pam Rivers

    1. Hi Pam! Thanks for your comment 🙂 We love Airbnb! We booked a room through them for each of our stops. In NY we’ll be staying in the Lower East Side. Apparently it’s right next to China Town so we’ll definitely be eating there at least once. We both love Asian food! I loved the museum of natural history last time I came and this time I’d love to visit Ellis Island and the Moma. It’s going to be hard choosing what to do given that we’re only staying two days!! Thanks for all your tips!

  4. Toronto: sweet Jesus for life – dessert restaurant pretty close to heaven!!
    Fierromosca- Italian restaurant to die for!

    Vancouver- anything near the docks! Best fresh seafood in North America (besides the east coast for all of their scallops and mussels)

  5. When in Vancouver be sure to make time to walk the Stanley Park sea wall. It is so worth it. If the “acrossCanada” show is still on at the Olympic centre be sure to go to it. There has been a bunch of snow in Jasper this week so enjoy your train ride through the mountains. so beautiful.

  6. Marie, if you get a nice day while in Vancouver make sure to visit Grouse Mountain. Ride the gondola, visit the Bears, eat lunch in the cafe. Then on your way back to town a visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is a must.
    I used to drive a tour bus and both are great places to see. Vancouver is a really fun city to visit.

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