Sweet Potato Wedges with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey, Goat Cheese and Easy Candied Pecans {Vegetarian + Gluten Free}

These oven-baked sweet potato wedges are drizzled with a generous amount of olive oil and sprinkled with tangy goat cheese and candied pecans! A healthy side dish inspired by the Mediterranean diet! 

overhead shot of Sweet potato wedges on a baking sheet drizzled with olive oil, goat cheese and candied pecans

This post is sponsored by Olive Oils from Spain. As a true olive oil lover myself and a new big fan of Spain, this partnership is a match made in heaven! Of course, all opinions are my own.

My family and I have a very serious love affair with olive oil.

My Dad, who is basically a health food guru, is famous in the family for using a very generous amount of olive oil.

To the point where, when he’s seasoning a salad, for instance, we ask him if he wants some salad with his olive oil haha.

Solal and I even came up with the expression “to make a Gérard” (my dad’s name!) when we’re going to drench something in olive oil – because, to be honest, we’re pretty much like him.

True olive oil lovers over here, I’m telling you! ????

overhead shot of Sweet potato wedges on a baking sheet drizzled with olive oil, goat cheese and candied pecans

Last September, as part of our European travels, we spent a month in Sevilla, Spain. And holy Molly – Spanish food is just THE BEST.

Seriously, besides the most beautiful colors and architecture, our best memories revolve around food. Of course, part of that food included the delicious Olive Oils from Spain!

Olive oils there can be found on the table of pretty much every restaurant, served in cute little bottles. Each one we tried had a different taste and texture.

Hardly surprising when you know there are about 260 different olive varieties (not kidding you!), making the range of flavors, aromas, and textures of these olive oils unique to the world! (I feel like a proud mama saying that haha ????)

overhead shot of Sweet potato wedges on a baking sheet drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with goat cheese and candied pecans

My Sweet Potato Wedges get a Mediterranean treatment with extra-virgin olive oil, rosemary & tangy goat cheese!

Although I very much recommend you go, you don’t need to travel all the way to Spain to taste and cook with these wonderful Olive Oils from Spain.

They are the largest producer of olive oil in the world. Actually, Spain makes up for around 50% of all the olive oil produced worldwide! So you’re kinda bound to find some near you.

And when you do, please run to the kitchen and make these sweet potato wedges ASAP because they are THE BOMB.

I love using extra virgin olive oil when I make sweet potato wedges. Or any roasted veggies for that matter, because it adds such a nice flavor and really enhances their natural sweetness.

In line with the “Mediterranean Diet”, I also added some fresh rosemary, which works SO WELL with sweet potatoes. On top, I sprinkled some crumbled goat cheese.

I might be a little partial here but seriously, the whole thing is just SO good!! Healthy eating never tasted more delicious than these sweet potato wedges!

a small bowl with Sweet potato wedges, crumbled goat cheese, rosemary and candied pecans


>> To get the full recipe, head over to the Olive Oils from Spain Blog here <<<


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