Sunshine Smoothie with Turmeric & Vitamin C

This amazing sunshine smoothie is not only delicious thanks to the mango, banana and orange combo; it’s also a nutrition powerhouse. It’s high in protein, it covers all of your daily Vitamin C needs and it’s anti-inflammatory + antioxidant thanks to the turmeric!

A tall glass of smoothie surrounded by orange slices and ice cubes

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Two glasses of sunshine smoothies, topped with coconut and surrounded by orange slices

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But let’s focus on this amazing smoothie first, shall we?

Overhead shot of two smoothie glasses with slices of oranges and ice cubes

Let’s talk a little bit about what’s inside this beauty!

First, have you ever tried the combo mango + banana + orange? Well, it’s like taking an express trip to a beautiful and sunny tropical island (but without all the mosquitos and the humidity haha).

In other words: it’s very delicious, sweet and it’s basically like liquid good-for-you candy. Nom nom nom.

Now, this sunshine smoothie is not only super tasty, it’s also a nutritional powerhouse. I know it sounds exaggerated, but it’s really not. In addition to the beautiful and nutritious fruits, we’re adding these three fantastic boosters:

1. Standardized turmeric powder, for its natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – just to name a few (And also because it tastes fantastic in this smoothie!). Read below to learn why you should use standardized turmeric and not just any ground turmeric.

2. Vitamin C powder, for its countless health benefits such as… boosting antioxidant levels, reducing blood pressure, reducing heart disease risk, boosting immunity… and the list goes on (read more about the benefits – and the unproven health claims! – here)

I’m using Nature’s Way powdered vitamin C – which is made 100% from fruit sources (unlike most supplements), easy to dissolve into water, juice or smoothie and has a very light but pleasant taste (and it’s coming from someone who really can’t stand most of these supplements/protein powder taste!)

3. Collagen Peptides, for a protein pump and to support your skin, joints and gut (read all about the amazing benefits of collagen here)

I use the Vital Proteins brand and I absolutely love it because one serving contains 18 grams of protein (and 20 grams of collagen), it’s tasteless and it’s basically the only “protein powder” I can stomach (typical whey protein makes me gag – that’s how much I dislike the taste).

You can use it with hot or cold beverages (like this sunshine smoothie or coffee), add it to soups, sauces and baked goods. I try to incorporate two scoops in my diet every day!

If you’re looking to up your protein intake and don’t like “normal” protein powder, this is a really great option (in addition to protein found in real food, of course). They also have a marine version, if you prefer.

Collagen peptides, Vitamin C powder and turmeric powder on a kitchen island

Why you should use standardized turmeric (instead of the regular turmeric spice)

Now, you’ve probably heard about the great health benefits of turmeric, but did you know that you won’t actually reap those benefits by just using regular turmeric spice in your food? I know I didn’t!

Curcumin is the main active compound in turmeric, and it’s this compound that has anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties. Problem is, turmeric contains only 3% of curcumin and you would need to eat a LOT of turmeric to see the health benefits on your body.  (Check out this article if you’d like to learn more about turmeric, curcumin and its proven health benefits)

If you’re looking to experience the full health effect of curcumin, try using a turmeric powder/supplement that contains about 1 gram of curcuminoids per serving (like the Nature’s Way standardized turmeric powder I used for this recipe).

It tastes just like regular turmeric, but on (natural) steroids!

Rounded teaspoons of standardized turmeric extract and Vitamin C powder

How to make sunshine smoothie step-by-step

Well, honestly you guys, there’s nothing easier than making a smoothie, but layering the ingredients in the blender in a certain order can make the job easier for your machine. So let’s start!

First add your frozen fruits: banana and mango. If you don’t have frozen fruits or if your blender isn’t strong enough to handle them, fresh fruits work too. It just won’t be as creamy.

Frozen banana and mango in a blender

Then add fresh oranges, that you’ve peeled and cut in half or quarters.

Orange quarters in a blender

And finally, add all your powders: collagen peptides, vitamin C and turmeric extract.

Add some water or milk, and blend until super smooth! Serve immediately with your favorite toppings (see the notes in the recipe box below for ideas!)

Turmeric powder and Vitamic C powder in a blender

A tall glass of sunshine smoothie with shaved coconut and an orange half wheel

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A tall glass of smoothie surrounded by orange slices and ice cubes
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Sunshine Smoothie with Turmeric and Vitamin C

This amazing sunshine smoothie is not only delicious thanks to the mango, banana and orange combo; it's also a nutrition powerhouse. It's high in protein, it covers all of your daily Vitamin C needs and it's anti-inflammatory + antioxidant thanks to the turmeric!

Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword #breakfastrecipe, #drinkrecipe, #smoothierecipe, #snackrecipe
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 2 people
Calories 248 kcal



  1. Add in that order to your blender: banana, mango and oranges. Then add turmeric powder, vitamin C powder and collagen peptides. Add water (or milk if using).

  2. Blend until very smooth and serve immediately.

Recipe Notes


Yes, you can use fresh fruits. It works, but using frozen banana + mango gives a creamier texture to the smoothie. 

  • Be sure to use a powerful blender that can handle frozen fruits. If you don't have one, here's what you can do:
    • either use fresh fruits
    • or if you think your blender can handle it, use half fresh fruits half frozen fruits (frozen banana and fresh mango for instance)
    • add more water or milk to get it running (one tablespoon at a time)


To make it an even more substantial breakfast, you can add in one or a few of these (quantities are for two servings):

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats. Place the oats in the blender and process until finely ground. Then process with the rest of the recipe.
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger (or 1/4 teaspoon for a less intense taste)

If using oats and/or chia seeds, you might need to add a few tablespoons of water if you don't like thick smoothies. 


Toppings are totally optional but they're fun and make a beautiful smoothie

  • chia seeds
  • orange zest
  • desiccated coconut
  • orange slices


  • Instead of collagen, use your favorite protein powder (whey, pea, rice...)
  • Instead of mango, try pineapple 
  • Instead of water, try it with light coconut milk, or coconut water (or with any of your favorite milk)
Nutrition Facts
Sunshine Smoothie with Turmeric and Vitamin C
Amount Per Serving (1 tall glass)
Calories 248
% Daily Value*
Sodium 119mg5%
Potassium 586mg17%
Carbohydrates 45g15%
Fiber 6g25%
Sugar 30g33%
Protein 20g40%
Vitamin A 1225IU25%
Vitamin C 792.1mg960%
Calcium 61mg6%
Iron 0.4mg2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

p.s. Don’t forget that you can get a discount on your Nature’s Way order AND that new customers get an additional $5 off their $40 order on iHerb by clicking this link!

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