Square Grill Pan
A grill pan is a must when you live in an apartment like me or when it's just too cold outside to fire up the grill! I have a very similar KitchenAid one and I love it. I use it all the time to make grilled chicken.
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Bamboo Utensil Set
Bamboo utensils are a great alternative to the metal ones that can damage your pots and pans, and plastic ones that can be made with harmful chemicals.
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Ceramic Baking Dish
I have a set of ceramic baking dishes from KitchenAid very similar to this one and they are great all-rounders that you'll end up using a lot.
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White Baking Dish
A basic you need in your kitchen! It's perfect for casserole, lasagna or even roasts.
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Duxtop Cookware Set
I absolutely LOVE this set of pots and pans. They're high quality, very functional and beautiful. I feel like a professional chef when I use them :)
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