A tour of Darlinghurst, our lovely Sydney’s neighborhood

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia08

Yesterday was a perfect day in Sydney. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the temperature was exactly how I like it: not as hot as it can be during the summer when you feel like a turkey roasting in an oven, but warm enough to wear sandals and sleeveless tops. 80F’s Fall? I like that! I decided to play the tourist and walk through our neighborhood, called Darlinghurst, with no precise goal, just to enjoy the city and the weather. Darlinghurst is such a lovely area! The houses are beautiful, it’s very leafy and there’s a ton of cute shops and restaurants. I just love the atmosphere and I’m so grateful to be able to live here! So today I wanted to take you on a quick tour of Darlinghurst. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia02

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia09
Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia10

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia11

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia03

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia07

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia12

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia06

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia05

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia04

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia13

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia14

Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia01


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  1. I’ve been looking at maps and it looks like you are not far from Sydney Harbour. That is a lovely area. Even though I’ve spent only 4 days in Sydney, you are making me homesick for it!

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